September 2018 Goals

Can you believe we are in September now and already I can see the Christmas food stuff appearing in shops!

With the children starting back in school I am looking forward to getting a routine going again and cracking on with all the things I want/need to do that will mean we eventually become debt free.

So here we go, goals for this month! (I wrote some of these about 2/3 weeks ago when I couldn’t get to sleep one night!)

Cake accounts

Not due till the end of January but with everything else I have been upto over the last year these have been looming in the background and I need to put everything into my spreadsheet.

Blog regularly

This is all new to me at the moment so I need to make this more of a routine.

Ebay reselling

I had a major clear out recently and got a couple of bags of stuff that I would like to get photographed and listed up on ebay, I have no set amount that I would like to make so any extra income is good.

Wonga/My Jar

Something I am not proud of in my past I used these companies and did so for a few months, so I am looking into compensation on these. I have read a great article and want to get the ball rolling.

How to get a payday loan refund (with template letters)

Amazon FBA

This is something I started product research on now, however, I really wanted to get products sorted ready for Quarter 4. What I need to do this month is decide whether this is doable now or whether to shelve the idea for a bit.

Stick to our food/shopping/ spends budget

We have recently set up a Monzo account for the spending that is not direct debit/ bill related money. So we put x amount into it each month and we get notifications when we have spent somewhere. We can also see percentages of the money spent. For example you get this neat pie graph showing the categories we have spent the money in. The biggest challenge for us going forward is to actually stick to the budget.


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4 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. Great goals Ruth, I’m also new to blogging so getting into a routine is something I need to do too. I’m also going to look into FBA this month, I read a really interesting post about it – I already resell on Ebay but we’re quickly running out of storage space so FBA seems like a logical step.
    Good luck with the Wonga compensation claim x

  2. I need to get an appointment sorted with my accountant soon, keep forgetting to email him so thanks for reminding me!
    How are you getting on with your goals this month? I’m doing terrbily with min, the month has gone by in a flash!

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