September 2018- How did I get on?

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September 2018- How did I get on?

So here is an update on how things went for me in September….. There is lots to tell in terms of my goals and my not goals. Lets start with the goals I set myself!

Cake accounts

This was a massive success and at one point in September I didn’t think I was going to accomplish anything at all!

I spent 2 days, not full days I will admit but sorting receipts and inputting into a spreadsheet and not only have I managed to finish 2017/2018 cake accounts I also managed to do 2018/2019 up to where I am now. This was massive for me. Once I had got stuck into last years and I had the time it made sense to do this years. Now I wonder whether I will be making it a goal this time next year to finish them off lol.

So one big tick.

Blog regularly

Well you only need to take a look around on here to see this didn’t happen! BIG FAIL! Am I bothered about it? No I have had bigger fish to fry and it is something I intend to get a grips with this month.

eBay reselling

This also didn’t happen, for those of you who follow my stories on either instagram or facebook will see that my reselling box is getting bigger and bigger. Again that is a priority for October, especially as we are in quarter 4 now and people will be hopefully more spend happy, I need to get listing.

Wonga/ My Jar compensation

I emailed both of these companies with my complaints and letters to hopefully get some compensation. Both have acknowledged my correspondence and its a waiting game. I am not holding out much hope but the time it took me to send my emails is negligent. There is some great advice on how to go about claiming money back here

Amazon FBA

This idea has been well and truly shelved for now. I have so much I want to get done and now is not the time. I cant get my head around amazon seller central and don’t find it very user friendly so I will stick to eBay for now.

Stick to our budget

No, this didn’t happen. Were we way over, no we weren’t to bad. However it highlights where we over spend and there were a few unexpected costs in September (including an ironman wales entry, not sure that was so unexpected on my hubbys behalf). Lets see if we can do better in October.

What else happened?

In one word, depression! Something I have suffered with on and off through the years. I have had a few moments even this year, back in January, in the summer and then September was something else. I will be writing a new post about it and will link that here.

How did you get on with your September goals?

The thing I take most from this post is that yes I achieved some stuff but could I have done better? No is the simple answer. What I really need to take from this is to really look at my month ahead, what we have on as a family, be time realistic and set achievable goals!



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