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Some of you will have seen my post recently on our new mission to go plastic free (well at least to use less plastic). There are so many items in our household that we buy on a regular basis that are classed as single use plastic.

I got quite overwhelmed with the amount of plastic we use on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis to just bin it (we do recycle). So I have decided to focus on the body/ bathroom aspect for now. I have switched to shampoo and conditioner bars and I will review them on another occasion.  So over the next few weeks and months I am gradually going to focus on the body/ bathroom aspect of our single use plastics and review any products I/we try out.

Why change deodorant?

Most traditional deodorants come in either a plastic bottle or an aerosol container. A plastic free deodorant wasn’t something I immediately thought of in my mission to use less plastic but it seemed a good way to continue.

Is it an easy change?

I have to say I was quite apprehensive about this switch. I have used a heavy 24/48 hour deodorant for as long as I can remember and used the same brand also. This meant making a switch to something else was going to be a big step. I follow many people on instagram who promote plastic free living or natural products so I did some research. One lovely lady I followed recommended this Ben and Anna plastic-free deodorant*.

What is it?

Quite simply the plastic-free deodorant is a soap like bar shaped into a cylinder and packaged in a cardboard tube that you simply push up. (it reminded me of those push pop sweets that were so popular when I was younger!)

First thoughts

I have been using this over a week now and I have to admit it is good, not once have I felt like I am sweating, nor am I smelling (TMI). So I am happy with how it is going so far.

Other benefits

So this should last longer that a normal deodorant and therefore, even though it is expensive it should work out more economical than regular deodorants. In the grand scheme of things I am not that bothered that it costs a little bit extra. When I am finished with this product I will simply have a cardboard tube.

Other plastic free deodorants

I know that there are many different deodorants on the market. Many are available from natural, eco friendly companies. A quick search on google will bring up many different ones. Also lush sells a soap deodorant which is not only plastic free but it is packaging free so even better. Travelling to a shop isn’t always an easy option but there are many online retailers with alternative options.

I have also been told that bicarbonate of soda* is another alternative option. You can simply add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil and rub the powder under your arm pits.

The last alternative I have heard of is coconut oil*. Coconut oil seems to be the holy grail for everything and anything at the moment and using it as a deodorant is another option.

Next on my list?

So I think I have shampoo mastered, review to follow shortly. I need to try other conditioners. We have switched all hand washes to bars of soap. I need to switch my shaving regime as disposable razors (even those with changeable heads) are another single use plastic. Shower gels, bubble bath, shaving foam, toothpaste….. Does this list ever end?

Do you have any good alternatives to any of the above products? Would love to hear any products you get on with that can be switched up.

Another closing fact

“79% of people in the UK have bought deodorant as part of their weekly shopping. That’s around fifty million people, and, when you think about how many of the deodorants on sale are packaged in plastic or aerosols, it isn’t hard to imagine the damage this could have on our environment.” (Source: Lush)

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