October 2018 Goals

OK so I am a bit late posting about these but they were made at the start of October….. However, after writing my how did September go post, I realised that my goals have to be realistic and if I achieve more than those then it is a bonus but I don’t want to be sat here at the start of each month writing about how I have only done half of the things I set out to achieve. Especially while I am sorting out what is going on with PMDD/ Perimenopause. I need to look after myself and not put myself under too much pressure. So here goes.

Start training again

So basically since our summer holiday I have done no form of exercise. Starting again will help me mentally and physically. Running is something I really enjoy but I have been putting it off as I haven’t been so long. I am a bit scared about how unfit I have become, stupid isn’t it! Also I am thinking of doing some sort of weight related workouts, whichever I chose I just need to crack on with it and stop faffing about lol!

Blog regularly

This was a goal last month and I failed miserably on this. If I can blog even just twice a week it will be a massive improvement on any other months. Watch this space.

Ebay reselling

So this again was a goal for last month and my reselling box has started to overflow so again this is a priority for me. Think the worst bit is taking pictures of everything, once I have done that the rest should be fairly straight forward.

Start Christmas shopping

Since I made this a goal I have already bought a couple of pieces.  What I need to do is make a list of everything/ everyone we need to buy for and then I can make a massive dent in this.

Lose weight

I am not sure how realistic this goal is considering where I have been mentally the last few weeks. If the point of having these goals is to have accountability then why not set this as one.

Kashflow receipts

This is a software my husband uses for his company and I need to get on top of the basic data entry this month.

Ok and there you have my October goals, yes we are halfway through the month but these we made at the start of the month and I promise I have started on these!

I’m taking part in the Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at CharlotteMusha.co.uk and Emma at MyDebtDiary.info

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