October 2018- How did I get on?

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October 2018- How did I get on?

Start training again?

Nope this didn’t happen, I am trying to get to grips with my new routine volunteering in the local school. This is for a couple of hours each day and I have a lot that I want to get done at the moment so training is taking a back seat. It will come at some point but for the next couple of busy months before Christmas it will be a non starter.

Blog regularly

No this also hasn’t happened. I keep putting off blog posts for many reasons. One being I need to look at some affiliate stuff. Should that stop me writing, of course not. So I am more inspired to blog more and add in all the other stuff as and when I get time.

eBay reselling

Yes, this has begun and will continue to be a goal for November but I have made a start and made about £100 so far, let’s see what November brings!

Start Christmas shopping

Yes this has begun but it feels all over the place at the moment, some people are big ticks and others I have a few ideas for and some I have no clue. I aim to really get this nailed in the first few weeks of November though.

Lose weight

Yes, only 2lbs or so but it is definitely something I am working on. I am a firm believer in calories in versus calories out. With everything else that is/ has been going on, the easiest way for me to achieve this at the moment is to fast 2 or 3 days a week. I am not being super strict with tracking the calories, just being mindful of having that smaller one meal on fasting days.

Kashflow receipts

This is something again that I have started and knew it wouldn’t be completed by the end of October but it is something that I have begun at least


What else happened?

So I am have become very inspired over the last couple of weeks to become more mindful of single use plastics and the environment. Some of you will have seen my latest post on the current cleaning craze and November shall see me trying out some new methods and products for cleaning and being a lot more mindful of the environment.

How did you get on with your October goals?

I want to say that my October goals were realistic, especially as some are longer term works in progress if you like. How did you get on?

Moving into November, some weekends are a lot quieter than others and really need to take that time to a, spend time with the family and b, really make a big dent in some of the things that I want accomplished. Raring to get started now!


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