November 2018- How did I get on?

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Well November came and went in one big whooosh didn’t it? In fact at time of writing we are nearly one week into December, bonkers how the time goes.

So here we are in December and I need to post my December goals and evaluate my November ones.


Blog- this was definitely improved in November with a couple more posts being made, aside from my monthly goals so I am very happy about this. However the last couple of weeks I have found this difficult again so we will see how December goes with this one.

Continue to lose weight

Continue to lose weight- This sadly didn’t happen. I was continuing to fast however the middle to end of November I had to stop as I was struggling a bit with my well being so that has gone to one side for now. I need to feel better and look after myself a bit better and fasting isn’t helping that at this moment in time. So this has been shelved. for the time being. PMDD/ Perimenopausal (read more here) is something I am struggling with so hopefully I can get grips with this and then I can focus on my weight!

eBay reselling

eBay reselling- I managed to get loads of this done and got a whole heap of stuff that I found in drawers/ cupboards etc that has either been forgotten about, not being used or for whatever reason just cluttering up our house. So I have made around £400 doing this and pretty pleased with myself. It is something I am considering looking into a bit more for the new year but more will be posted about that when I do my 2019 goals.

Get Christmas done

This was almost achieved and has spilt over into this month. Most of the shopping was done in November and this week I have been wrapping.

Kashflow Receipts

Kashflow receipts- I did a bit of these but not enough and my original goal a few months ago was to get these upto date by the end of November. I will get there though and be more organised going forward.


Team TOMM– November started so well and even though we are cleaning more than we have been in the past, it has slipped the last couple of weeks and I need to pick this up again. So December might be tough too but anything is better than it has been.

What else happened?

It was a nice peaceful start to the month and then it became slightly more busy and manic. Also the whole PMDD/ Perimenopausal thing flared up a few weeks ago with my body constantly aching. It disappeared once my period arrived and could possibly be linked. It has made me have a serious think about 2019 but more on that in a couple of weeks. Also we had a family weekend away to Wookey Hole which was lovely, read about that here. That brought us swiftly into December.

How did you get on with your November goals?

So how did your November go? Did you manage to achieve any goals you have set yourself? I would like to say that November was more realistic but not sure on the complete fail of the kashflow receipts. I think I get easily distracted and need to keep my focus a bit better. Down to December now and just a few more teeny tiny weeks till the year is over.

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