November 2018 Goals

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November 2018 Goals

Not quite as early as I had planned with these goals, but still got three and a bit weeks to go….


So I made a better attempt last month than any other month so far and I want to keep improving on this. Fingers crossed I can get a couple of blog posts out a week.

Continue to lose weight

So as it says, I want to continue with the fasting days as I mentioned previously. It is the easiest way for me at the moment to achieve a calorie deficit. This time of year gets so difficult to maintain any form of diet whether it be calorie deficit or any diet plan. Fingers crossed I can still manage 2 fast days a week.

eBay reselling

This is something I need to get as much done as possible. We are well into quarter 4 and I have quite a lot of clutter/junk/unwanted gifts that would be great on eBay at the moment. I have two fairly quiet weekends in November where hopefully I can get as much listing done as possible.

Get Christmas done

So I am normally quiet organised when it comes to Christmas but this year I want as much as possible done by the end of the month- this won’t include the food shop. However I am starting to stock up on dry foods that would normally be bought all in one big expensive shop. I am all about budgeting at the moment and this means hopefully we can stick to our budget at Christmas by purchasing bits and bobs here which don’t make a massive dent on the weekly shop but would mean a less expensive one off shop.

Kashflow receipts

This is something that will keep appearing until I finish them. They are lurking over my head but I am being realistic and sorting out a few each day so it doesn’t appear as one big job. Splitting it into more manageable chunks means it doesn’t feel such a big job.


This is something new we are trialling in our house. We got rid of our cleaners a few weeks ago and are putting that money in an ‘Appliance’ pot for our new kitchen. However, it means now that we need to do the cleaning and is a luxury that we no longer have. I have written a separate post about it here. So the bootcamp is in the process of being done, I am also decluttering along the way too. Finding lots of new things to list on eBay. Once that is finished then it is a case of 30 short minutes Monday- Friday and a tidy house! Whoop whoop.

What are your goals this month? Do you set yourself goals? Does it help?

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2 thoughts on “November 2018 Goals

  1. Hi! I found your post on the monthly goals linky 🙂 Some great goals – I am a converted Team TOMMer and it is fantastic!I am also an ex primary school teacher so got a few things in common!
    Good luck with the rest of your goals.

    1. Team TOMM is fab, I can’t believe how much cleaner everything is with hardly any effort. My husband has even joined in with it all.

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