June 2018 Goals


Every month I am going to publish my monthly goals, this is because one I am then accountable and can reflect at the end of the month and two so you guys out there can see my progress.

We have got a long way to go to clear our debt but I am hoping that by writing this blog I will be more motivated to achieve the end result quicker!


FBA course

I have been meaning to do a fulfilled by amazon course for a long time and I am determined to both finish the course and make a start on contacting suppliers and getting stock.


Ebay – aim to make £100

We have plenty of bits and bobs around the house, including an old sky box, an old dvd player and camcorder so I should be able to make £100 on these items along with some other items, I just need to sit down and take some pictures of the items and list them onto my personal ebay account.


Reconcile 2017 bank statements

Boring, boring, boring…… It is the one thing I hate to do but with my eBay dropshipping business it is something I need to keep on top of as it goes through my husbands ltd company. I have been way behind on this but have some down time this month to get on top of it all! (Think I will need plenty of tea, chocolate and then some more free time to unwind afterwards)


What are your goals for June?

I would love to hear other peoples goals and motivations for the upcoming months!



2 thoughts on “June 2018 goals-

  1. Great goals Ruth! Mine for the rest of this month are to finish ebaying all the clothes and bits my mum is getting rid of, carboot the rest, and to set up and launch my blog. Oh and book our wedding.

    1. Aw that is fab Alexandra, I feel like blogging my goals will help me achieve them easier, time will tell if that will actually happen in real life!

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