July and August goals and update

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July and August- What happened?


July was a busy month with many cakes to make, weekends taken up with various activities with my daughters and then we went on holiday which leads us to August.

It is now 22nd August and I really need to get my act together with Amazon FBA, especially as we approach quarter 4 for sales….

The good news is I am now at the stage of product research which I anticipate can take a couple of weeks.

Ebay reselling

I did do a bunch of reselling in the middle of July which earned us well over £100 target so I was pleased with that…. I had a major declutter yesterday and I now have a bag full to the brim of stuff I am hoping to resell at the start of September now.

Yesterday I had some free time which enabled me to tidy out of two of my worst drawers in the bedroom- how can just two draws get so messy!

Look at the before and after pics, I am quite pleased with how these came out!






After, really pleased with how much junk and older clothes I got rid of


Moving forward a bit, I have already made a list of things I am doing financially going forward and a jobs list of stuff needing to get done and hopefully there will be more news on Amazon FBA!

How did you guys get on?

How is everyone getting on in July and August, it certainly is tough with the children being off school for a lot of people and the lack of routine that can bring. Not wanting to wish time away but September will be great for being back in a routine!

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