Is the cleaning craze killing the planet?

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Cleaning craze

Cleaning madness/ craziness/ obsession is something that I can see has been going on for the last couple of months. People (including myself) have been getting sucked into buying certain brands/ products because of a very infectious lady on instagram. I am not going to lie I like her down to earth style, I know she has helped a lot of people.

However, do we really need more than one or two bottles of these different cleaning products in our houses?? I think not! I can see how people have got obsessed with thisas some of the smells on these products are amazing. (IMO) Also I have somehow found a lot of other cleaning pages on instagram. Some have made me think a bit more about this craze that is going on. We are mixing chemicals, spraying unsuitable chemicals onto fabrics they are not meant to be sprayed on and the list goes on.

I am not saying it is all down to this one lady, yet she has a huge amount of followers and the number is increasing daily.

The environment

One of the things that I have really thought about recently is the environmental issue we have. We are buying cleaning chemicals that are in plastic bottles. Not giving a second thought to what harm we are doing. Am i going to save the planet by buying more economical products? No is the answer. Can I help and spread the word? Yes I can and I intend to blog about my choice of cleaning products that I am switching to. Plus my journey of becoming more environmentally aware in my purchases.


Lots of us will have watched the Blue Planet series showing the impact plastics. In particular have on our oceans and sealife. When we look around there are things that are happening weekly/daily around the world. Just a couple of weeks we had storms that saw towns being flooded. This was as close to my doorstep that I have ever seen damage like that. Even this afternoon I saw a video of Venice and the floods there. These are very devastating and hopefully can be changed. We can buy less cleaning products in plastic bottles and we can use less chemicals.

Where from here?

Now my first steps are to finish everything we currently own in terms of household cleaning and whilst I am doing this I am on the look out for new recipes to try with less harmful chemicals. So next week I am going to stock take everything I have in the house for cleaning. We use subscribe and save from Amazon so have bulk purchased things in the past. From there I am going to find out which cleaning products are going to run out first. Find a suitable new alternative and either make it from home or purchase the new alternative.


Yes I am excited! Sad but also keen to get back to where we (my husband and I) were 12 years ago when we bought organic, cleaning products were organic and environmentally friendly and we bought reusable nappies for my daughter who was due in a months time. So come with me on this journey of becoming more environmentally aware and wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Is the cleaning craze killing the planet?

  1. Good luck! Loved this post. I do think we get sucked into these social media influencer accounts that pedal products that are really just paid posts! Our own methods are just as good so hopefully reverting back to what you previously did will be just as good as these new methods.

    1. I know, can see how easy it is to get sucked in but the planet seems to be really suffering at the moment and this bulk buying of chemicals in plastic bottles isn’t going to help:(

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