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This introduction is going to be focused on our money and debt situations over the last 20 years. Ok so this could be quite lengthy but going to keep it as brief as possible.

I graduated from University in 1999( that sounds like such a long time ago!). I worked as a teacher full time for 7 years and then part time for 1. You might have guessed little feet came along. The first was my eldest is 11 and it was when we were pregnant with our second daughter that we made some big changes.

We moved from London, I gave up my teaching job to become a stay at home mum whilst my husband still worked Monday to Friday in London . We moved to South Wales which meant a very long five days for us back home while he was away.

During that period we were quite bad at managing our finances and were really noticing the drop in salaries, credit cards got used more frequently.  Financially it was not a good period of time for us. I got into some bad habits with online betting sites also. This brings us to 2010 when I became pregnant with my youngest daughter. Things had to change. My husband moved back to wales and focused on his sideline company which I had been doing some admin on.

We thought this was going to be easier but it was just as tough as yes there was no commuting or parent being away but it put us under further financial stress. Post natal stress, lower income, three children under 4 put a lot of strain on the family. I am glad to say that we got through it as a family and it has made us stronger as a unit. A few years on and Liam was back working away which took some adjusting to, but back to earning a better wage and we set up staff to run his sideline company.

After my youngest was born I did many money things to help with our debts, these included a Tesco double money back guarantee, mystery shopping, following MSE (money saving expert) and a few other things. I also decided I was missing work and saw a gap locally for cake making.  I trained (a little),  experimented and typical Ruth just launched my own cake making business which grew very rapidly and I found it very difficult to say no to orders…. This meant very little time for my little girls and husband, especially all the other money projects I had tried.

Let us skip forward a few years to 2015 and I decided the cakes needed to slow down a lot more and more of a focus on wedding cakes, this does then make my cake making business a lot more seasonal, freeing up my time.

Since 2015, I have seriously done Matched Betting, Dropshipping and currently going forward with new ideas, all alongside the family and my cake making business. We still have a long way to go with our money situation but I have seriously had enough of the ‘minimum’ payments and the interest these places charge so it is time to get a hold of these and be financially free.

I hope to take you on a journey with me during this exciting time and hope to share some ways you can earn money from home.


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