December Goals 2018

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Definitely need to get in earlier with these goals. Not sure how I will fare with January or 2019 goals but for now here are my small December goals

Enjoy the festivities

This is quite important at this time of year, not only do we need to enjoy the festivites, concerts, children etc but I really think it is a great time to get together with friends and family and appreciate time with them. This year I will stop baking on the 23rd/24th December and then won’t start again until ……. (the jury is out!) I have wedding cakes booked in next year but whether that might be it is still to be decided. However, whenever I will start baking again I have at least a week off and so does hubby. I am looking forward to the downtime with all the family, enjoying time with the children.

Continue blogging

I had a much better November in terms of how much blogging I got done in comparison to other months. I am hoping this will continue now through December and into the new year. 

More time on eBay

It’s fair to say I have enjoyed the reselling I have been doing recently on eBay and I might have got a bit hooked. I will run out of things to sell eventually but for now I still have some bits and bobs lying around the house that I want to get rid of. I might even look at reselling as more of a hobby/ side business but more to come in my 2019 goals about that.

Make plans for 2019

So I want to make plans/goals for 2019. Some I already have in place but some need some more thought. Time is running out for me to finalise these so need to sit down and work out a few things.

What are your plans for December? I am trying to keep these as simple and realistic as possible for now as it is a busy time of year.

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    1. Its bonkers how addictive it is. I have sold on ebay before and would think there is nothing left in my house to sell but I keep finding stuff!

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