Capsule Wardrobes – how mine helped with my holiday packing

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As the title suggests I am writing this post about capsule wardrobes and the benefits of them.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is something I have only become aware of over the last few years. The way I look at it, it is about having a good range of clothes that you can mix and match with many other pieces in your wardrobe. A mix of clothes that are suitable for your lifestyle and work.

Why have a capsule wardrobe?

I am trying to live more sustainably and my biggest focus recently has been plastic, as that is what it what we see everywhere when anyone talks about environmental issues and the planet. However, there is much more than plastic to living sustainably. I will be the first one to hold my hand up and say that I enjoy shopping. Shopping for clothes has always been a mood lifter (ha – in fact shopping full stop!). I love buying new pieces to fill my wardrobe. In the past that would have meant it would have been bursting at the seems, full of clothes, always having that ‘I have nothing to wear’ feeling until the next time I had a spare afternoon to do a ruthless cull of all the clothes I had spent money on, some less than 6 months ago, to then continue the cycle and fill the wardrobe again. This isn’t sustainable and it certainly isn’t good for the bank balance. Surely it is better to have a wardrobe with fewer pieces in? They mix and match and you have that feeling of having nothing to wear less often.

How do I achieve a capsule wardrobe?

This, I guess, will be different for everyone. The ideal way to start would be to completely declutter your wardrobe. This is something I thought I had done but as I type this I think I need to give it a go again. My wardrobe is still quite full and I would say I don’t wear all of the clothes regularly enough. The next step I took was to have a style analysis done. This meant I had my season and shape analysed (autumn apple). I went to styled by susie for this and both Susie and her colleague Sarah are highly recommended. I have used a few of their services and am still learning to dress for my season and shape and, more importantly, to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. This I feel helps greatly in achieving a capsule wardrobe and something I wish I had done years ago.

Holiday packing with a capsule wardrobe

One of the services I used with styled by susie was a personal shop. I traveled to Bluewater last May to meet Sarah (one of the stylists). We had three hours and I came away with my summer/spring wardrobe almost complete. Pieces I could wear into the autumn/winter season too when matched with tights or longer sleeved tops underneath. It was an amazing experience and when it came to going on holiday that Summer it was so easy to pack with all clothes mixing and matching.

I was a bit sceptical that I would be able to maintain this because of my love of shopping. However, skip forward to the end of Feb this year and we had a mini break to Marbella booked. Out came a lot of last year’s purchases that I still love and it took me around half hour to piece out some outfits and away we go. The hardest part was leaving some behind as we were only away for 4 days and not 100% sure of the weather (I don’t do well being cold lol).

Is my capsule wardrobe complete?

No. Quite far from it. I need to do another declutter of clothes and really focus on having quality pieces. Being more thoughtful when purchasing clothes. Do I need it? Why am I buying it? Is it replacing something? All questions that I think about a lot more now when purchasing clothes.

I am hoping that this will help us become more sustainable and also save us money in the longer term. Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Is it something you have considered?



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