Can I keep the house clean in just 30 mins everyday?

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Can I keep the house clean in 30 minutes everyday?

So in a bid to save some money, (its all about the kitchen at the moment!) we got rid of our cleaners…… Eeek!

£90 a month better off now which we are putting towards new appliances, however, someone now needs to clean!

Cleaning craze

In my post last month I said there was a bit of a cleaning craze going on and I have been one to get swept away with it and had begun to buy unnecessary cleaning products. I was liking more and more cleaning pages on instagram. I was also becoming aware that actually it isn’t necessary for all these cleaning chemicals. Big thanks to The Secret Cleaner and Naturallymummajo. So I am on a mission to get my house clean without all the chemicals and more environmentally sound products.

Introducing Team TOMM

Alongside the cleaning accounts, I came across The Organised Mum and what a revelation this was! She has a weekly routine which means you spend 30 minutes Monday- Friday in one room each day with a different focus on the weekend. There are some ‘level 1’ jobs which you do daily also. However, since we have got stopped our cleaning service I haven’t done any cleaning and the house is very messy!

Getting started!

So I really need to do a house bootcamp! This will involve a deep clean in most of the rooms in my house and something I am aiming to do the next week or so. I have a bit of cake work on and other stuff so it will be what I can achieve each day. The handy checklist is great though as it means I can tick off as I go.


Well it all sounds great in theory and I know some weeks will be tougher than others. My husband also works from home though so no reason why we can’t do this together. I am looking forward to getting our house looking cleaner and tidying.

Come join me!

I am so looking forward to getting started on this new routine. Also along the way I am going to be trying out new ways of cleaning, using more eco friendly products and also making some of my own cleaners.

Who is up for this challenge? How hard can it be to find 30 minutes in a day!?!?


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