Hi all!

My name is Ruth,I am a wife, a mother and a part time cake maker.

This blog is all about me, my family and our lifestyle choices, currently trying to cut back our spending so we can finally afford a new kitchen (10 years in the making guys! 10 years)

There will be posts about my monthly goals, posts about my PMDD/ mental health journey, being more environmentally aware, honest reviews and also family things we do.

Interesting facts about me

  • I am Welsh but can’t speak Welsh
  • My middle name is Carys and often get called Carys because of my cake business
  • I used to teach Primary aged children and the teacher in me comes in useful in our home.
  • I am a mum of 3 girls and often feel like I am doing something wrong in parenting
  • Shopaholic could be used to describe me (ask the regular delivery driver!)
  • I have hit ‘Rock Bottom’ a few times in my life and not afraid to speak about it
  • We have huge debts as a family but working hard to clear them- check out www.ruthcan.com
  • Picking at things is a bad habit I have, I cant leave scabs/ skin/ nails (gross hey!)
  • Overthinking is a great skill of mine and worrying what other people think is high on the list of things I overthink.
  • I like to be the organiser
  • My husband and I both work from home! (Some might want this in life, it is not easy)
  • Planning new ideas and ways to bring in money is always on my list
  • I use exclamation marks a LOT!!


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