3 small steps to decrease single use plastic.

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Nearly everyday now I am more and more aware of single use plastics and the impact on our little planet. Following on from my recent post about the recent cleaning obsession and our planet. I thought I would write a post about single use plastics and what we have adopted so far in our family. I have been on a mission to replace products in the house with more environmentally friendly items. Some are to do with less plastic and some are less chemicals.

What is a single use plastic?

So this term is used for anything that is only used once, this ranges widely from bottles that any household detergents/ cleaners/ beauty hygiene products come in. Water bottles, cling film, flimsy carrier bags, the list goes on and on. Yes I will ‘recycle’ these items but wouldn’t it be better to either not have them in the first place. Or at least resuse them where possible. There are so many stories about where our recycling really goes and I don’t have any reason to reuse some of the single use bottles that come into our house. So let’s make a change. Small changes yes but what if we were all to make these changes!?


This is really easy to do, for as long as I can remember we have bought hand wash in the form of liquid soap in a single use plastic bottle. Why? Thought it was a better soap? At the end of the day, soap is soap isn’t it? So I have the remains of each bottle and I have one bottle of this now in my cake room. Instead we now have bars of soap on cute little bamboo soap dishes that I bought from Amazon. I didn’t need to buy the little dishes but they do ‘air’ the soap meaning it will last a longer than it just sitting in a pool of liquid.

Washing detergent

We used to use an Ecoegg for washing clothes a long time ago and I am not sure of the reason for stopping using it. I have been following a lovely lady natuallymummajo on instagram and she has been highly recommending them. So I knew we didn’t have much of our go to detergent left so I took the plunge and ordered our ecoegg for £19.99 and it is hopefully going to last us a couple of years before we need to refill it. So far I have’t noticed any major differences, we are yet to test it with tougher stains. I probably would have used something extra, like a stain remover with those anyway. This will be a work in progress and will let you know how I get on longer term. Also what I do and test out when those tough stains appear.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

This is something I have been curious about for a while but not done anything about. In all honesty I still haven’t done anything about this. Well I say I haven’t done anything but I have actually bought some shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush. I have been following someone else’s journey with this and can’t wait to give them a try and get rid of our single use plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Small steps

So this is where we are so far and I think these are fairly simple changes that don’t take much to implement in most households. These are just a few steps and it is only the beginning of our families challenge to use less plastic. Also to use more environmentally sound products. Along with the plastic bottles that we will no longer use in the above steps we should also be saving money. Soap bars tend to last a lot longer anyway and generally cheaper than the hand dispensing soaps.

What else?

I have many other ideas that I have to clear up the single use plastics in our house.

These include

  • Natural cleaning products that I will make myself
  • Alternative products instead of cling film. As a home baker of cakes I wrap each cake in cling film, this is really playing on my mind at the moment and something I am keen to look into. Anyone with any helpful ideas would be great?
  • Milk bottles, I have looked for sometime for a delivery milk bottle service but as we live out in a rural part of wales, this will probably mean me finding a store that sells glass bottled milk.
  • Fabric softener, we have still got a stash of this, since we use Amazon subscribe and save. Once this is finished then we will be looking at alternative.

Closing fact

The main cause for the increase in plastic production is plastic packaging. Plastic packaging was 42% of all non-fibre plastic produced in 2015, and it also made up 52% of plastics thrown away.

What changes have you made? Would you like to make? What else can we all do to make changes to the ever increasing demand for plastic? I would love to hear your opinions on this topic.



4 thoughts on “3 small steps to decrease single use plastic.

  1. I agree about trying to cut out single use plastic. I help in a charity shop a couple of mornings a week and we have started to encourage customers to put a couple of pieces of bubble wrap in their shopping bag so if any thing needs wrapping they don’t need extra packaging.

  2. Great post. I am aware of cutting down on things like coffee cups but the less obvious things, like shampoo and fabric cleaning products, I must admit I’ve overlooked. Going to make a real effort with these. This month I’m also investing in reuseable straws 🙂

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