2019 and what it means for the blog?

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I took some time off my blogging and instagram and facebook pages over the Christmas holidays and its given me time to think about what it is I want to blog about.

Do I want to post monthly goals?

Well as handy as they were and meaning I was accountable, are they something you the reader want to read about? Possibly not; they are very specific to my life and maybe not the most inspiring posts. Also I end up doing a post about my monthly goals, followed by a how did I get on post. That is two blog posts I could have spent the time focusing on something else.

Making and saving money

This isn’t something I have written a lot about but I have hinted at it. I would like to write more about saving money and ways to spend less, but does this fit in with the other stuff I post about? I am also a bit addicted to the whole eBay thing at the moment, although I did take a break from my personal reselling I have also stumbled across retail arbitrage.


Visits as a family of five come 2/3 times a year, of course there are occasional days out throughout the year also. However is it worth writing about these? I think it is nice to have a bit of real life and reviews of places and trips, especially because we are over that threshold and a family of 5, so maybe I will keep these up.

My mental health / PMDD / perimenopause

I don’t want to ramble on and on about my health, however there is a lack of information on PMDD and I think a once monthly update (instead of my goals) might be a good way to incorporate this? I am thinking maybe a round up of how the month went, any symptoms, any changes, any visits to medical practitioners. So bascially my journey on this. I think it might help me to ramble away once a month also.

Being more eco friendly / plastic free

This is something I definitely want to keep and this will include reviews of products and things we are trialling out as well as swaps we have made. We have a lot of waste as a family of 5, so reducing our plastic is something that is high on my list for 2019. I have already made a big dent in some changes and some are yet to come.

What else did I have in mind?

Well I have wanted to write about the daily struggles we all face as parents bringing children into the modern busy world we live in. Can we take time to slow down a bit.

What will 2019 hold?

I wasn’t going to write this post and some of you reading might have some valuable insight from all different aspects… Since taking a break over Christmas I have thought about 2019 and what I want/hope it to be.

I want to blog more, for many different reasons.

We want a new kitchen, (ha doesn’t fit with the less plastic/ being more eco/ or the saving element) we have lived here for over 10 years and the kitchen was tired and old then. I don’t think the lino on the floor will see the year out, so this needs to be done.

I am taking a step back from making cakes, a number of reasons, the new kitchen being one and the symptoms I have been getting the end of last year and the way I have been feeling is another. We still need some money coming in so ideally I will find something that can fit in around the girls being in school and once they are home I will have more time for them. I don’t want it to be a case of me saying “you sort out tea while I finish these bits on a cake”, so need something less deadline based.

I want to be a bit more in control of my hormonal symptoms; this might be trial and error of a few different things. This might also be something that is out of my hands a bit.

Spending more quality time as a family; this follows on from the cakes. I can’t believe the girls are now 8, 10 and 12. I want us to spend time playing games, reading, chilling and basically spending quality time with them.

Finally, I want to see my husband complete Ironman Wales 2019. It has been a long time ambition of his, but he decided a few years ago he wouldn’t be able to achieve it. However there is a lot of support in the local community and two of his best friends are also taking part. Without wishing my life away I can’t wait to see him fulfil his ambition and cross that finish line in September.

To finish

I think I have found my answers myself by writing this post. It might have been what I needed to make the next step forward. So it isn’t new years resolutions as such but a way forward for 2019 and what you can expect from the blog.

What do you most enjoy reading about from my blog so far? I would love any feedback / experience you might have.


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